Ultra-Grip International is a leader in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of standard and special work holding products. We are industry leaders in power pull-down, (Universal Ball Grip) chucks. Along with power chucks, we supply collet chucks, diaphragm chucks, pitch line gear chucks, quick change chucks, face clamping chucks, non-deforming pin arbors, retractable driver chucks, hobbing and shaving arbors, thru-hole chucks, and special designed clamping fixtures.
Ultra-Grip International has been designing and detailing quality workholding solutions for 30 years. We have remained an industry leader through customer satisfaction and product development. We are one of the few work holding suppliers with the ability to manufacture very large diameter chucks. We design and manufacture everything in-house, this allows us complete control over product design, manufacture and quality. We pride ourselves in customer service and design integrity.



Ultra-Grip International offers a wide variety of work holding products at competitive prices to suit your application.

"Ball Grip" Power Chucks

The most universal roughing and/or finishing chuck offered.

CC Sliding Jaw Chucks

Counter centrifugal high rpm applications.

Retractable Jaw Chucks

Shaft turning in a single setup.

Collet Chucks

Multiple operation ID and OD applications.

Face Clamping Chucks

Non-Cylindrical Chucking.

Ultra-Lock Arbors

High Torque ID grip applications.

Diaphragm Chucks 

Precision finishing applications.

Large Diameter and Thru-Hole Chucks 

Large parts/pipe manufacturing.

Roughing and Finishing of Gears.

Hobbing and shaving arbors

Precision gear hobbing and shaving arbors.

Non-Deforming Pin Arbors

Chucking thin wall parts without distortion.

Carbide Inserts

Standard inserts for roughing operations.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders

Rotating cylinders for all machine types.

Complete Design Service

State of the art design service using the latest 3-D design package.

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