Ultra-Grip International Spring Pipe ChuckUltra-grip International Spring Pipe Chucks are heavy-duty large diameter through hole chucks with spring toggle clamping and pneumatic release, primarily used for turning threads on straight, bent, and/or upset pipe for the oil industry.

Basic Standard Style Spring Pipe Chucks


Three Jaw Centralizing Spring Pipe Chucks

  • Standard Jaw Travel
  • Extended Jaw Travel
  • Heavy Duty (Additional Grip Force)


Three Jaw Compensating Spring Pipe Chucks

  • Standard Travel


Six Jaw Sequencing Spring Pipe Chucks



  • Actuation Style – Ball Joint Toggle Style
  • Actuation Method – Spring Clamp and Pneumatic Release.
  • Jaw Travel – Standard Travel is 25.0mm (1.00”) per Jaw or Extended Travel is 38.6mm (1.52”) per Jaw
  • Jaw Mount Serrations – Adjustable Angular Key (Optional 3/32” x 90° or 1.5mm x 60° serrations).



  • Fast cycle time for maximum productivity.
  • Spring clamp/pneumatic release provides the lowest maintenance, most dependable and safest chucking on the market today.
  • Clamping force is completely adjustable to minimize distortion, providing secure clamping for maximum stock removal or light gripping for thin wall pipe.
  • Sealed slides significantly reduce costly maintenance and resulting down time, increasing machine time, productivity and profits.
  • Heavy duty low maintenance costs and long service life resulting in increased profitability.
  • Common components across various chuck sizes allow for minimal inventory requirements.



Technical Data:

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Three Jaw Centralizing

Centers the work piece.

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Three Jaw Centralizing or Compensating

Centers work piece or compensates while using an external centering device.

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Six Jaw Sequencing

Centers work piece or compensates while using an external centering device.