Double Diaphragm ChuckDiaphragm Chucks are high precision I.D. and O.D grip chucks generally used for secondary chucking applications such as grinding, boring, light turning, and inspection. A diaphragms’ alloy spring steel membrane assures consistent repeatability of less than .0002″ (0.005 mm) T.I.R. for thousands of cycles. Our chucks are designed to suit your specific workholding needs such as machine mounting, the need for coolant and/or air thru, and tooling configurations.


Standard Features:

  • Diaphragm sizes up to 1 meter (39”). Larger sizes available upon request.
  • Precision – Repeatability within .0002” (0.005 mm) T.I.R.
  • Positive Pull-Back – Assures parts are seated on the work stops.
  • Long Operational Life due to limited metal to metal contact.
  • High R.P.M. – Counter-weighted jaws minimizes the effects of centrifugal force to allow for a high RPM operation.
  • Sealed Design – Fully sealed design prevents contamination to reduce maintenance cost.
  • Actuation – Diaphragm clamp with drawbar or self contained hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder bump unclamp.
  • Push-Pull drawbar operated (design allows for 2x the standard gripping force).
  • Tooling – Replaceable inserts and work locators accommodates different part sizes using a single diaphragm.


Special Optional Features:

  • Air and/or Coolant thru chuck center.
  • Quick-Change couplings for quick changeover between part sizes.
  • Part Auto-Load “on the fly” without stopping spindle rotation.
  • High-Low (two plane) chucking.


Diaphragm Gear Cage Chucks (DGC)

Gear Cage style Diaphragm Chucks are used for pitch line chucking for gear families. To accommodate different gear sizes, a basic diaphragm chuck is used in combination with inter-changeable quick change gear cage assemblies.

  • Pitch Line chucking
  • Part Auto-Load “on the fly” without stopping spindle rotation.
  • Quick changeover between gear sizes.
  • Options for Coolant thru chuck center.
  • Diaphragm clamp with air or drawbar release.