Used for non-cylindrical chucking or to assist a primary cylindrical chucking mechanism for turning, milling, and grinding. Part location is determined by items such as guides, orientation pins, interchangeable pin plates, and primary chucking mechanisms such as a collet chuck. Ultra-Grip Int. designs manual and power swing clamp Face Clamping Chuck to suit our customers’ part and machining requirements.


Standard Features:

  • Direct downward pressure provides positive pull-down against part stops.
  • Sealed high travel rotating clamp arms.
  • Actuation: pneumatic, drawbar, or spring.
  • Part centered by a collet, guides, pin plates, orientation pins
  • Distortion free location of a centered thin wall parts.
  • Interchangeable face clamps and part stops


Special Options Features:

  • Air sensing to provide positive part location against part stops.
  • Bevel gear pitch line location.
  • Quick-change couplings for pitch line gear plates.
  • Work support for secondary locating and/or clamping surfaces.