41_2Ball-Grip™ Chucks are used for first operation roughing and/or second operation finishing. Our basic chuck is modified to suit machine mounting, the need for coolant and/or air thru, and mounting for top tooling which is designed to our customer’s part and machining requirements. Our Ball-Grip™ chucks are available in standard sizes up to 33″ (838.2mm) and special sizes up to 79″ (2m). Larger sizes available upon request.


Basic Standard Style Options:

  • Two, Three, Four, and Six Jaw Chucks
  • Internal and External Chucking
  • Centralizing, Compensating, Centralizing-Compensating, and Equalizing/Centralizing chucking mode.


Standard Features:

  • Pull Down or Pull-Back Action – Assist in providing positive location against work stop.
  • Jaw Swivel (Homing) – Jaw compensates for part variation insuring 2 point contact with each jaw.
  • Jaw Travel – Increased jaw travel enhances part loading and tolerance variations.
  • Sealed Design – Sealed slides significantly reduce costly maintenance and resulting down time.
  • Ball Joint Construction – Power mechanism operates within a sealed unit of high pressure lubricant.
  • High Power Ratio – Higher gripping force with less input resulting in longer chuck life.
  • Differential Chucking – Chuck allows for High-Low pressure chucking.


Optional Features:

  • Coolant and/or Air thru center bore.
  • Quick change External/Internal chucking available for two and three jaw chucks.
  • Quick change Jaw Mounting for rapidly changing work piece tooling.
  • “W” series Platform style Jaw Mounting available to mount customers existing tooling.
  • Counter Centrifugal option counteracts the negative effect of centrifugal force to accommodate high speed applications.


  • All Ball-Grip™ chucks are push-pull drawbar operated. Self contained cylinder and spring actuated options are available as specials.
  • Chuck Jaw Types include inserted and serrated jaws utilized on raw castings and smooth jaws utilized on machined surfaces.



Technical Data:

UBG 2/3 Jaw Centralizing Chuck drawing

Two or Three Jaw Centralizing Ball Grip™ Chuck

Chuck centers the workpiece.

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Two or Three Jaw Compensating Ball Grip™ Chuck

Chuck jaws individually locate on part diameter.

3 jaw platform style pull down chuck drawing

Three Jaw Platform Style Ball Grip™ Chuck

4 jaw UBG pull down chuck drawing

Four Jaw Centralizing, Equalizing Ball Grip™ Chuck

Chuck centers work piece in two planes with jaws distributing clamping force equally to eight contact points on the work piece.

6 jaw UBG pull down chuck drawing

Six Jaw Centralizing, Equalizing Ball Grip™ Chuck

Chuck centers work piece with jaws distributing clamping force equally to twelve contact points on the work piece. Grips thin wall work pieces with minimal distortion at a single chucking pressure.

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Special Ball-Grip™ Chuck

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Heavy Duty Ball-Grip™ Chuck